Hog Roast Menus

Menu 1 - The classic

Traditional, rustic roasted hog, served on soft bread rolls, accompanied by warm sage and onion stuffing and fruity apple sauce.

Menu 2 - Lamb

Slow roasted british lamb, served on soft bread rolls accompanied by mint sauce and cranberry jelly.

Menu 3 - Chicken

Fresh english chicken breast, served on either soft bread rolls or tortilla wraps, warm sage and onion stuffing and cool mayonnaise.

Why not try a combination of all three options with our Multi Roast – a multitude of meats with accompaniments so suit all of your guests tastes.

All menus can be supplemented with:
  • Fresh classic salad platter – Lettuce, Onion, Cucumber, Tomatoes 
  • Pasta Salads – Cheesy Pasta Bake, Tangy Tomatoe and Basil
  • Rice platter 
  • Greek Salad – including Feta cheese 
  • Anipasto italien platter
  • Roast Potatoes 
  • Spicy Wedges or Chips
  • Deserts – A range of deserts are available, please specify iif you wish too see our deserts menu
Yorkshire Pudding Wraps
  • Slow cooked Pork
  • Slow cooked Beef
  • Slow cooked Lamb
  • Slow cooked Chicken

Choose either one of our set menus, or mix them up a little bit: we aim to deliver the best of British catering to suit your needs.

Or why not consider one of our tailored Hot or Cold buffets?

All prices are dependant upon numbers being catered for, location of venue and optional extras. although at Doncaster hog roast we aim to provide a professional affordable service to all. So why not give us a call or email spitroastdoncaster@gmail.com